Project information

  • Category : Information & Entertainment Services
  • Project Date: 01 April, 2021
  • App URL: liveevil

Most Advanced Virtual Assistant to Ease Your Life.

With advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, liveevil is a world-class concept that holds the potential to bring comfort to your fingertips. Without even asking, it will help you know the needed information in just one tap. The advanced technology of liveevil will track human behavior, understands their needs, and provide them the relevant solutions in seconds. Because gone are those when you need to ask google or Alexa for everything, now the technology will notify without even asking. By merging advanced technology with human behavior, will stand as the first of its kind application that will help users in each aspect of life.

About liveevil

liveevil is a futuristicreal-time application that would integrate human psychology, human behavior, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning to understand human needs to provide instant solutions within seconds. It’s more likely a virtual assistant who will take care of all of your needs and guide you on every point. Be it in the home or office, road or car, our application will also take note of surroundings to aid you better.

But one thing everyone must note here is that liveevil will only warn you of some scenarios but won’t dig in for the reasons. It will tell you that something is wrong ahead on the road. But it will not reveal anything about that ‘something’. So, there won’t be any third-party information revelation.

How will liveevil do it?

With One tap, liveevil will get activated. Right after the activation, the application will start listening to you. It would track your movements and behaviour to understand what exactly you are looking for. If you are going to a destination, it will automatically notify you of the best route available.

While jogging, it will notify you if there would be any hurdles in the way. Similarly, it will warn you of the weather if it would be worsening lately. Be it anything, liveevil will fulfill its role as your assistant each second.

Features of liveevil

  • User friendly : It will ease the users’ life manifolds. They will get their answers without even asking.
  • Easy to use : Its interface will require just one button tap. One tap will activate it and after the application’s connectivity to the internet, it will automatically check the web & filter the information relevant for you at that instant.
  • Futuristic : It’s a future concept that would definitely make its home in everyone’s mobile phones.
  • Faster services : The advanced technology of liveevil will offer you everything you need faster and better. The strength to understand human behavior and note psychology will turn out to be the biggest advantages for users.

liveevil - Add Security to Your Time and Money.