Project information

  • Category : Transport / Mobility
  • Project Date : 01 April, 2021
  • App URL : ramOuS

Are you ready for your next ride ?

Our people at ramOuS are ready to drop you at your next location in the vehicle of your choice, be it bike, taxi, auto, or car. All of you have to do is just a single tap & we will come to get you to your destination.

About ramOuS

ramOuS is a tech-based ridesharing application where we connect ride sharers with ride aspirants. fastly and safely. With a passion to make the rides easier and provide bread and butter to service providers, the idea of ramOuS emerges. Moreover, another strong reason to launch ramOuS is to make safer, affordable, and desired movement accessible to all, we have launched ramOuS. Because we strive for nothing but the value of your time along with you and your belongings safe. We double-check the driver and the vehicle before sending it to your service. From the background verified drivers to real-time tech-enabled vehicles, ramOuS keep a close eye on you in case of any threats. So, when you call us, we lock the safety. Because our customers matter most for us.

Services we do:

  • Bike Taxi
  • Auto Taxi
  • Car Taxi

Features we provide

  • Vehicle of choice : You can choose with what you want to travel
  • Value of time : Your time is precious and we respect it with our heart. Our drivers always arrive on time and drop you at the expected time always, if not otherwise.
  • Safety : Before sending the vehicle of your choice, we verify both driver & vehicle.
  • Accessibility : Wherever you want us to reach, we will do. Wherever you want us to drop you, we will do.

Your safety is Our Duty!