Project information

  • Category : Stocks & Crypto
  • Project Date : 01 April, 2021
  • App URL : swaRAJ

Invest, Trade, and Grow your Money like a Pro.

Investing is the new normal of the coming generation. NFTs, commodities, stocks, mutual funds are growing like a forest fire and the kind of returns they provide, if invested wisely, are tremendous. So, to help you invest & explore, Swaraj has integrated the most profitable investments options for you right under one roof. Either be it NFT or stocks, mutual funds or commodities, crypto currencies or bonds, choose the option you are best in and multiply your money into wealth with intelligent investments.

About swaRAJ

swaRAJ is a whole investing platform where people can invest their money in any of the following options easily:

  • Stocks
  • Crypto
  • Mutual Funds
  • NFT’S
  • Bonds
  • Commodities Trading

swaRAJ promise Privacy and Integrity to the Millenials so that they could invest according to their will, expertise, knowledge, and intuition. With no hassles, we have made investing and withdrawing money easier and simpler.

Features of swaRAJ

Simplicity : Easy to use interface supports users to interact and understand the requirements easily and efficiently.

Real-time Trading : Users can invest based on real-time data. The price of investing items keeps on fluctuating so that users can analyse intelligently and create their strategies likewise.

Accessibility : Investors can see all of their active trades on the dashboard directly. Moreover, all of their previous investments and profit will also show up on the board itself to help users track their investments wisely.